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My late 2019 project I decided to take on was a Predator Costume like the one from the 1987 movie Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well not a 1/6th scale costume but rather a full sized one.

I can't make the costume perfect movie accurate because 1) I am no where near the height of the original actor who played the predator and 2) picture perfect is time and cost consuming. This costume was put together for under 500 I believe.

This build will be my version of a similar styled P1 Predator with as many bells and whistles as I can put together.

Like all things, we start with the planning. I went to the https://www.predatorium.com and into their resources to get a bunch of Pepakura files to start converting for my project. Then I went to Thingiverse to see what they had and grabbed Predator Shoulder Cannon by makerslabcz.

After I had all the files, it was time to get to work and make everything printable. It took about a month in spare time to fix everything up and resize it all to my body.

The backpack:

This model was good for pepakura but not for a 3d print. I first ended up fixing the files and printing it out. This will be the shell to house most of electronics and power bank.

I only used half of this model from thingiverse and fitted it with a spot for a flashlight and a servo and an outlet for the wires to go out the lower back.

Both halves are held together with 8/32 screws and nuts.

Using this tutorial, I grabbed an Arduino Mega, an MPU6050, battery pack and wired everything up with 2 Cat 5 connections (One that goes to the helmet Where the mpu6050 will sit, and one to the left gauntlet for controls and sound)

This is a shot from underneath where the power switch is as well as the recharge port.


Left Gauntlet - Creation, sound and control.

Continuing with the planning, let's start with the pepakura file and add a hinge in the print so that it can flip up if I need it to. I also made a slot for my Phone below the flip plate.

Let's allow holes for momentary switches and latching switches, cat5 connection and audio out on the flip plate:

Now let's get it printed and loaded up:

I wired it up with an adafruit soundfx board and started wiring everything together. The sound out went to a 3.5mm headphone jack which will plug into an external speaker.

It's actually much cleaner inside now.

Final outside picture of the left gauntlet.


Right Gauntlet:

Making retractable claws is not the easiest so I decided to go with gravity as the extension and retraction method.


Start with the pepakura file and make it printable.

I made some changes to the original pepakura file and incorporated a latch system to allow the redesigned blades to be locked in an extended or retracted mode. You can see the green piece acts as a pivot point in the gauntlet and the blue stick prevents the claws from sliding too far forward.

The plastic claws looked nice printed, but I wanted something a little stronger. I went with aluminum because it is easy to shape and dull so that it is not sharp.

And the final fit and test with a pull from a string.


The Head:

5v lasers set up to go on when the servos turn on.

Inside of the helmet wired up with the MPU6050 and 3 freaking laser beams.

The back of the head was made to house a hard hat but eventually I adjusted it to house only the portion of the hard hat that goes around your head.

Beads for the hair.



I didn't want to do a latex suit because I know how hot and uncomforatable those can be. Basically, this whole build began with the undersuit. If the undersuit was bad, nothing else was getting done. I got a preprinted suit with most of the details and I have to say, it looks great and breathes nicely. I sewed a zipper into the front for bathroom breaks.


I still needed hands so I bought a pair of latex warewolf gloves, Painted them up with acrylic paint and glued the fingers to a pair of brown leather gloves.



Basically the same thing done with the hands. Ordered a pair of warewolf feet covers painted and glued them to an old pair of sneakers. I used brown gaffers tape on all seems to act as a leather wrap around the feet. Sorry I don't have pitcures at this time.


Nothing different here. Made pepakura files printable and adjusted the knee caps to combine with the shins so that there is less things to attach when getting dressed.


Same as the Shins:


The fishnet look:

I took an actual fishing net and cut it up and made a shirt and pants. The fishnet pants along with thigh and cod armor get secured to the undersuit using a belt.

Neck Seal:

I used a vinyl stair tread and cut it up and used snap fittings to secure it:

Dry-fitting everything together

Painting up bone pieces.

Painting up and giving a weathered look to the armor.

Testing the equipment:


So in conclusion, I went from this:

To this: