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Hey, guess what? I'm making another Star Wars prop. Surprised? Didn't think so.

Next on the block is the scruffy looking nerf herder's side arm. The DL-44 itself...with a few modifications because my budget and time are limited.

What we need:

1) Denix C96 replica gun

2) Build kit from Dark Energy Creations

3) Small speaker from rail master hobbies

4) Patience

5) Time

Let's Begin:

Start with the gun.

Shave off the logo.

Fix the striker ridges.

Cut out the internal bridge here.

Pulled out the electronics from a toy I found on amazon. It was only 20 when I purchased it. I don't know why it is 60 now.

Need to gouge out the inside to make room for wires.

My 3D printed items. The 2 on the left were used to make the mystery disk. The top one is used to house the speaker, battery and circuit board. The lower right piece is used to house the momentary switch that the trigger hits.

Chassis with speaker in.

Cut out the bottom of the gun.

Test fit the chassis to make sure it can drop down with the battery so that I can change it.

Here's the mystery disk items post use.

Drill the holes for the scope mount.

Drill out the shaft so that I can fit the LED behind the flash hider.

Tap the gun so that I can attach the shaft to it.

Cut the excess off.

Drill a hole for the LED wires to go through.

Tap the shaft so that I can attach the flash hider.

Gouge out the inside of the gun so that I can run wires through it and down.

Quick test fit. Everything is starting to come together.

Back to work - Drill out the front grill so that the speaker sound can travel.

Wire up the LED.

Drill speaker holes through the grill.

Wire up the momentary switch.

Glue on the bottom of the magazine.

Blue and paint. Bluing is crazy but fun. Need ventilation. Be careful.

Attach the LED and run the wires.

The rest kind of came together by following what others have done. Re-assembly was pretty straight forward.