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I'm trying to make a decent electronic sound and light Halo 4/5 energy sword using TheRaptorClaw's Halo: Type-1 Energy Sword Handle.

Most of this I'm making from leftover parts of other projects.

I'm using a 27mm Speaker
3.7v rechargeable battery
Nano Biscotte Sound Module V4
18650 Battery holder
Neopixel Lights
8/32 Screws and nuts
Momentary switch

The first thing to do is split the model and create an upper and lower blank that I can work with. This took longer than I care to admit but below was the result:

Next, I needed to hollow out the interior for all the components, screws and wiring:


Dry fit components:


Sand and prime and paint handle:


and now, onto making the blade. I outlined the parts onto plexiglass:

Combined like pieces:


Cut all out together.

Hallowed out the inside of the middle 2 pieces and placed wiring together.



While shoving the wiring together, the middle of the blade snapped and I also found out that the data and negative wires were crossing on one side. The blade will not work like this.

Back to the drawing board.

Let's start with the original file and turn it into a printable format using Clear ABS:

Dry fit the LED lights and FAILURE!!!

The LED lights do not fit because it tapers at the end and this model has now becomes useless.

Back to the drawing board. Let's design the blade from scratch using the first image as my base and the results:


A much thicker base to use for the LED lights.

Breadboard all connections to ensure the electronics work.

Time to hard wire.

Kill Switch:

Nano Biscotte v4.

The rest.

Glue and sand the blade covers. and the results are below:

There are 3 fonts to choose from, all with different colors that I can choose from. I pre-programmed all the paramaters of the blades - amount of LED's, the ignitor period, color, boot sounds, etc. Below is the extent of the fonts at work.